Get in touch with the Association of Recruitment Agencies of Moldova and enjoy the convenience of accessing over 45 recruitment offices throughout the country, all in one centralized location. Explore the wide range of services offered by ARA and learn how they can assist you in your recruitment needs.

At ARA, we have a track record of successfully placing about 1,000 workers in employment opportunities within the EU every month. This translates to approximately 12,000 workers recruited and employed through our extensive network on an annual basis. Our commitment to connecting job seekers with suitable employment options has made us a trusted partner for both individuals and businesses alike.

We offer full services, from recruitment and legal documentation, to transport and monitoring.

Since 2008, we are the largest labor force suppliers for companies in the European Union where we have over 3000 temporary employees.

The Association of Recruitment Agencies of Moldova (ARA) is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit association of recruitment agencies in Moldova.

1 800+

candidates recruited
each month


recruiters, managers,
other staff


recruitment offices

3 500+

leased temporary workers
in the EU


Fully insured international
transport services

Legal services

Dedicated professional legal
department to ensure compliance

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Free candidate assistance to
accelerate the process


Travel & Health insurance


Personnel outsourcing


Integrated accounting specialists for salary and tax compliance

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Training Courses

We grow our own recruiters
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Efficiency and Advantages of Collaboration

with the Association of Recruitment Agencies of Moldova.

How do we work and how are we organized?

Considering the increased need for efficient and quality recruitment in the field of the labor force from Moldova for the European Union market, we suggest you consider collaborating with the Association of Moldovan Recruitment Agencies (ARA). With over 80% of licensed recruitment agencies in Moldova as ARA members, our organization is representative and renowned in the field. The purpose of this essay is to convince you of how ARA works and the benefits it offers potential partners.

Collaboration with Partners

The central apparatus of ARA is responsible for identifying, negotiating and signing recruitment agreements with foreign partners. Through this centralized collaboration, all ARA member agencies benefit from expanded recruitment opportunities. ARA distributes recruiting orders to its 30+ recruiting offices, ensuring broad coverage and continuous opportunities for all members.

Communication and Decision Making

To ensure transparency and active involvement of members, ARA organizes weekly General Meetings. These meetings allow member agencies to participate in the decision-making process and vote on the signing of collaboration contracts with new European Union partners, to discuss organizational issues and to take orders for the recruitment and delivery of personnel. Thus, each member has a say in the strategies and policies adopted by ARA.

Professional Development and Quality of Recruitment

ARA promotes the continuous professional development of its members by regularly organizing trainings for recruiters and other involved departments. These trainings aim to improve the level of professionalism, familiarize member agencies with new job offers and maintain high standards in the recruitment process.


Collaboration with the Moldovan Recruitment Agencies Association brings multiple advantages, including efficiency, transparency and a uniform recruitment process. ARA is committed to providing large volumes of candidates recruited qualitatively and on time, respecting the recruitment schedule agreed with foreign partners. Through its centralization and well-structured organization, ARA offers you a complete and reliable solution for all your recruitment needs in the field of foreign labor.

We are confident that a collaboration with ARA will strengthen your recruitment efforts and generate successful results. We invite you to become a partner of the Association of Recruitment Agencies from Moldova and benefit from all the advantages we offer.

National Offices Network

Network of ARA offices in Republic of Moldova.

2 offices
8 offices
5 offices
1 office
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2 offices
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2 offices
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To unify recruitment in Moldova in delivering reliable volumes of quality workers with guaranteed ethical and worker welfare standards.

Aims & Activities

To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with organisations across the EU and UK in order to facilitate the ethical employment of quality Moldovan workers recruited through our association members.

Association Aims

Organising and developing the field of recruitment, selection and employment of the workforce in  the Republic of Moldova and abroad;

Raising awareness of, and promoting, the legal and ethical employment opportunities for Moldovans abroad;

Prevention of all illegal migration as a result of employment abroad (100% return rate);

Eradication of worker exploitation, and the robust reporting of any examples identified;

Effective collaboration with national and international law enforcement agencies in order to combat illegal activities: human trafficking, illegal migration, labor exploitation;

The widespread application of an industry standard of high quality, legal and ethical recruitment and employment agencies in the country and abroad;

Engaging, Lobbying and Mentoring to develop and improve the legal framework and is application governing labor migration in Moldova and abroad;

Engagement with media to promote the association and further its aims and advantages of ethical employment opportunities in the country and abroad;

Establishing partnerships with associations of similar profile in other countries to identify credible employers who share our aims;

Ensuring the safety of migrant workers during the entire period of their employment contract abroad and during their travel to and from the employer;

To advise and co-operate with the government to develop and implement progressive policies and strategies in the field of labor migration;

Attract the membership, engagement and advice of qualified specialists to further the aims and activities of the association;

Association Activities

Represent, promote, support and defend the common interests of its members and ensure cooperation between them.

Build partnerships between the association members and: public authorities, economic agents, non-profit organisations, other associative bodies and wider society;

Supports full freedom of action in promoting its members’ development, ensuring maximum efficiency, in accordance with the law;

Promotes fair competition between its members ensuring equal conditions for each;

Advises its members with legal and business advice;

Engage and lobby public authorities to develop and promote economic cooperation of enterprise in the field;

Provide information and direction to support its members mutual relations and to improve relations with other organisations;

Provide consulting, assistance and training to membership staff;

Ensures compliance of its members with the legislation and law of International and Moldovan law;

Negotiate and mediate de-conflictions between its members, is necessary for the benefit of the wider sector, in accordance with the founding principles of the association and as established by law;

Maintains and develops affiliations with international organisations to underpin collaboration to further the stated aims of the association ensuring that they do not contradict the domestic or foreign policies of the Republic of Moldova;

Forms and manages common platforms with its members, civil society, other associative structures and public and private institutions to discuss and resolve issues relating to recruitment and employment in the Republic of Moldova and abroad;

Organises and/or participates in: seminars, conferences, exhibitions, fairs and meetings to further the aims and activities of the association;

Monitors and analyses the Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological and Legal and Environmental trends of the EU and UK to optimise opportunities and avoid detrimental impacts to furthering the aims and activities of the association;

Provides its members and wider society with advice and direction to ensure compliance with legislation through: assistance, training, correspondence, meetings in support of the aims and activities of the association;

Develops, implements, evaluates and monitors projects nationally and internationally in accordance with the mission of the association.

Business to Business Support

ARA is a powerful centralised platform for collaboration between Moldovan recruitment agencies and employers abroad.

Foreign employers can be assured that any issues they raise with the ARA will be resolved in a fast, legal and professional manner. Our key activity is to facilitate employment contracts between EU and UK employers and ARA compliant Moldovan recruitment agencies.

ARA delivers real time job offers from employers abroad to its member recruiting agencies to ensure job offers are filled swiftly and with the best candidates. The ARA also facilitates the initial contract to ensure they are fully compliant with the aims of the association Business to Business (B2B) and support with information, advice, consultancy, legal support and travel and booking advice as necessary to ensure a robust, legal and enduring contract is reached, each and every time!

Current Contracts

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18 Founding Legal Entities

Entities which are a part of the Association of Recruitment Agencies.


Public authorities partners

Partners of the Association of Recruitment Agencies.

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