24/7 Call Centre & Software Access

The ARA grants the employer with dedicated online access to the database of candidates so they can monitor the flow of candidates from initial interest right through to the end of the contract. This one stop shop also holds all candidate information, legal documentation and visas and CV to support the employer’s final interview with the candidates. Transparent. Simple.

Call Centre

Our trained operators capture all key details from candidates responding to advertising campaigns and provide them with information and support as necessary. The call centre also has priority routing to enable specially trained recruiters to be dedicated to specific campaigns for optimisation of targeted recruiting.


Service The ARA’s consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are there to support employers and organisations by answering questions regarding the ARA’s services or to swiftly resolve any issues that may arise.

Customer Feedback

Most of the workers we recruit build strong and loyal relationships with the employers and come back again and again. We capture worker feedback regularly to enable employers to better understand worker issues and to empower them to optimise future worker engagement. Happy workers work better.

Social Media

Our social media specialists engage directly with candidates online to maintain interest and convert that interest into applications. This approach is particularly effective with urban based younger applicants.

Fast, Streamlined, Quality

Our highly committed recruiters have all completed our centralised training programme and work tirelessly to recruit your workforce requirements professionally.

Your recruitment needs are instantly broadcast throughout our 40+ recruitment offices country-wide to get the workforce you need – fast!

We can recruit large volumes of workers due to our extensive national coverage.

Our guaranteed worker attendance rate means you can rely on all of your workers arriving on day 1.

Our team drives forward every request, professionally, quickly and to a high standard – underpinned by our 10 years of combined experience!

There is a 24/7 access to the worker’s tracking who were recruited by us. Thus, you can track the whole process in real time: from the very first contact with Call Center until they reach your office.

Our powerful bespoke integrated software keeps every application moving at pace and enables intelligent management information analysis to anticipate issues and capture every detail so nothing is missed. With the employer access granted, you can track every application in real time from the very first contact with call centre until they arrive ready for work.


Business to Business Support

ARA is a powerful centralised platform for collaboration between Moldovan recruitment agencies and employers abroad.

Foreign employers can be assured that any issues they raise with the ARA will be resolved in a fast, legal and professional manner. Our key activity is to facilitate employment contracts between EU and UK employers and ARA compliant Moldovan recruitment agencies.

ARA delivers real time job offers from employers abroad to its member recruiting agencies to ensure job offers are filled swiftly and with the best candidates. The ARA also facilitates the initial contract to ensure they are fully compliant with the aims of the association Business to Business (B2B) and support with information, advice, consultancy, legal support and travel and booking advice as necessary to ensure a robust, legal and enduring contract is reached, each and every time!

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