About us

The Association of Recruitment Agencies of Moldova (ARA) is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit association of recruitment agencies in Moldova.

Our Mission: To unify recruitment in Moldova in delivering reliable volumes of quality workers with guaranteed ethical and worker welfare standards. We strive to eradicate corruption and exploitation at all levels and promote fairness in competition.


ARA Aims & Activities

To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with organisations across the EU and UK in order to facilitate the ethical employment of quality Moldovan workers recruited through our association members.

Association Aims:

  • Organising and developing the field of recruitment, selection and employment of the workforce in the Republic of Moldova and abroad;
  • Raising awareness of, and promoting, the legal and ethical employment opportunities for Moldovans abroad;
  • Prevention of all illegal migration as a result of employment abroad (100% return rate);
  • Eradication of worker exploitation, and the robust reporting of any examples identified;
  • Effective collaboration with national and international law enforcement agencies in order to combat illegal activities: human trafficking, illegal migration, labor exploitation;
  • The widespread application of an industry standard of high quality, legal and ethical recruitment and employment agencies in the country and abroad;
  • Engaging, Lobbying and Mentoring to develop and improve the legal framework and is application governing labor migration in Moldova and abroad;
  • Engagement with media to promote the association and further its aims and advantages of ethical employment opportunities in the country and abroad;
  • Establishing partnerships with associations of similar profile in other countries to identify credible employers who share our aims;
  • Ensuring the safety of migrant workers during the entire period of their employment contract abroad and during their travel to and from the employer;
  • To advise and co-operate with the government to develop and implement progressive policies and strategies in the field of labor migration;
  • Attract the membership, engagement and advice of qualified specialists to further the aims and activities of the association;

Association Activities:

  • Represent, promote, support and defend the common interests of its members and ensure cooperation between them.
  • Build partnerships between the association members and: public authorities, economic agents, non-profit organisations, other associative bodies and wider society;
  • Supports full freedom of action in promoting its members’ development, ensuring maximum efficiency, in accordance with the law,;
  • Promotes fair competition between its members ensuring equal conditions for each;
  • Advises its members with legal and business advice;
  • Engage and lobby public authorities to develop and promote economic cooperation of enterprise in the field;
  • Provide information and direction to support its members mutual relations and to improve relations with other organisations;
  • Provide consulting, assistance and training to membership staff;
  • Ensures compliance of its members with the legislation and law of International and Moldovan law;
  • Negotiate and mediate de-conflictions between its members, is necessary for the benefit of the wider sector, in accordance with the founding principles of the association and as established by law;
  • Maintains and develops affiliations with international organisations to underpin collaboration to further the stated aims of the association ensuring that they do not contradict the domestic or foreign policies of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Forms and manages common platforms with its members, civil society, other associative structures and public and private institutions to discuss and resolve issues relating to recruitment and employment in the Republic of Moldova and abroad;
  • Organises and/or participates in: seminars, conferences, exhibitions, fairs and meetings to further the aims and activities of the association;
  • Monitors and analyses the Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological and Legal and Environmental trends of the EU and UK to optimise opportunities and avoid detrimental impacts to furthering the aims and activities of the association;
  • Provides its members and wider society with advice and direction to ensure compliance with legislation through: assistance, training, correspondence, meetings in support of the aims and activities of the association;
  • Develops, implements, evaluates and monitors projects nationally and internationally in accordance with the mission of the association.

Our members


Grand Resurs

  • 11 Offices
  • 5000 candidates p.a.
  • Factory/Agriculture
  • *Market leader for 3 years


  • 8 Offices
  • 3000 candidates p.a.
  • Factory/Distribution (IKEA, Zara, H&M…)
  • *Nationwide coverag


  • 3 Offices
  • 900 candidates p.a.
  • Welders/Scaffolders/Butchers/Carpentry
  • *10 years experience


  • 3 Offices
  • 1050 candidates p.a.
  • Building/Construction/Distribution/general


  • 4 Offices
  • 1100 candidates p.a.
  • Building/Construction
  • *Leaders in N. Moldova


  • 3 Offices
  • 900 candidates p.a.
  • Healthcare/Hospitality
  • *Best urban coverage


  • 2 Offices
  • 800 candidates p.a.
  • Cleaners/Seasonal Agricultural
  • *Best in S. Moldova


  • 4 Offices
  • 750 candidates p.a.
  • Germany, Netherlands and UK specialists
  • *Best recruiting speed, in-house marketing team


  • 3 Offices
  • 800 candidates p.a.
  • Agriculture/Logistics
  • *Best return rate


  • 4 Offices
  • 700 candidates p.a.
  • Car production line/Distribution


  • 1 Office
  • International Passenger Transport
  • 6 coaches, 6 busses
  • 18k journeys p.a.


  • 1 Office
  • Legal specialists, bookkeeping, work permit applications, advocacy
  • 6k candidates served p.a.


  • 1 Office
  • Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Finance
  • 6k candidates served p.a.

Business to Business Support

The ARA is a powerful centralised platform for collaboration between Moldovan recruiting agencies and employers abroad. Foreign employers can be assured that any issues they raise with the ARA will be resolved in a fast, legal and professional manner. Our key activity is to facilitate employment contracts between EU and UK employers and ARA compliant Moldovan recruitment agencies.

The ARA delivers real time job offers from employers abroad to its member recruiting agencies to ensure job offers are filled swiftly and with the best candidates. The ARA also facilitates the initial contract to ensure they are fully compliant with the aims of the association Business to Business (B2B) and support with information, advice, consultancy, legal support and travel and booking advice as necessary to ensure a robust, legal and enduring contract is reached, each and every time!


Our offices

Map of offices in the Republic of Moldova..

2 offices
8 offices
5 offices
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
2 offices
1 office
1 office
1 office
2 offices
2 offices
3 offices
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
1 office
2 offices
1 office

Current contracts

The ARA delivers a reliable supply of workers to the EU and UK


Berlin · Oldenburg · Zweibrücken
Munster · Koln · Pirmasens
Karlsruhe · Nürnberg · Mannheim


Lublin · Warszawa · Karczew
Lodz · Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Torun · Gdansk · Poznan · Kołobrzeg
Wejherowo · Tczew · Szczecin · Kielce
Piotrków Trybunalski · Olsztyn · Ustka


Brno · Prague · Plzen


Goteborg · Malmo · Falun


Rotterdam · Breda · Eindhoven


Belfast · Manchester · London · Harrogate


ARA Key Facts


Staff employed within the association


Recruitment offices

2 500

Workers currently employed abroad

1 800

Candidates consulted in person each month


Fully insured international transport services

Legal services

Professional legal department to ensure compliance

Work permit

Free candidate assistance to accelerate process


Travel & Health insurance assured


Personnel outsourcing specialists


Integrated accounting specialists for salary and tax compliance

Call Center 24/7

Multi-channel call centre for 24/7 advice and support


Dedicated in-house marketing department

Bespoke software

Fully integrated management information software. Live. Secure. Simple.

Quality Assurance

ARA oversight of entire end-to-end process

Staff & Leadership Training Courses

We grow our own recruiters in-house at our training school

Our services

Personnel recruitment
We recruit the worker on behalf of the company, arrange transport, ensure legal compliance and provide ongoing support. The company employs the candidate and arranges accommodation.
Personnel leasing
We recruit the worker to the requirements of the company, arrange transport and ensure legal compliance and employ the worker. The company arranges accommodation.
Contract outsourcing
We provide a service or process (and the necessary manpower to deliver it). The company pays for the service by volume, rate, weight or other agreed measure.
Call Centre
Our Call Centre is manned 24/7 to deliver uninterrupted business support.

Personnel recruitment




We launch your marketing campaign requirement across all of our member agency networks.



We convert calls and social media interest into applications.



We screen the candidates in face-to-face interviews in our 43 recruiting offices across the country.



We select the candidates against the employer’s job offer requirements.


File preparation

We compile key information in a standard format for all selected candidates – access is granted to the employer for review, final interview and selection.


Legal Document preparation

We ensure all legal documents are prepared correctly to secure the work permit.


Tickets Booked

We confirm that valid transport is booked.


Transport assurance

We deliver and monitor the candidate journey from departure to arrival at the employer destination.


Candidate Nurturing

We proactively engage with the candidates weekly by telephone for the first month to ensure they have settled in and to provide support if necessary.


Personnel rotation

We organise all aspects of personnel rotation to ensure an uninterrupted workforce as per the employer’s requests.

Pricing Mechanism: The employer pays a flat rate for each hour worked by each employee and accommodates them

Personnel leasing

We collaborate with small, medium and large enterprises both locally and internationally.



We recruit the personnel according to your job description requirements.


Legal Document preparation

We assist with all legal documents preparation to streamline work permit application process.


Personnel Leasing

We deliver the personnel required by the employer.


Residency/Right to Work

We take on all administrative responsibilities for residency and work permit compliance.



We take on all Human Resources responsibilities (salaries, contracts, health/social taxes, insurance etc).



We conduct the necessary training for employees, including OHS training.


Worker Management

We provide management responsibilities throughout the entire period of the contract.



We manage all personnel travel.


Personnel Rotation

We manage personnel rotation to deliver an uninterrupted workforce to your company.

Pricing Mechanism: The employer pays a higher flat rate for each hour worked by each worker and arranges accommodation, but we employ the candidate and take on all administration liabilities (payroll, tax etc)

Personnel Outsourcing

  • Are you considering employing workers in your company?
  • Do you want to reduce operational costs?
  • Do you lack the time to deal with the legal and administrative hassle?

The ARA can coordinate
foreign personnel outsourcing
services for your company.

We take on the entire operational and production process for your company.

We manage all of our personnel and their transport throughout the contract period.

We provide leadership to ensure consistently high performance outputs.

We arrange and provide appropriate living conditions and welfare support.

We provide coordinators who supervise the employees to help them solve any HR issues that they may have.

Pricing Mechanism: The company pays for the service by volume, rate, weight or other agreed measure.

Personnel outsourcing can be a perfect solution for companies who need to maintain production continuity but find it difficult to source the necessary volume of employees to deliver their production.

For many companies, personnel outsourcing is one of enabling functions for business development.


24/7 Call Centre & Software Access

The ARA grants the employer with dedicated online access to the database of candidates so they can monitor the flow of candidates from initial interest right through to the end of the contract. This one stop shop also holds all candidate information, legal documentation and visas and CV to support the employer’s final interview with the candidates. Transparent. Simple.

Call Centre

Our trained operators capture all key details from candidates responding to advertising campaigns and provide them with information and support as necessary. The call centre also has priority routing to enable specially trained recruiters to be dedicated to specific campaigns for optimisation of targeted recruiting.

Infoline Service

The ARA’s consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are there to support employers and organisations by answering questions regarding the ARA’s services or to swiftly resolve any issues that may arise.

Customer Feedback

Most of the workers we recruit build strong and loyal relationships with the employers and come back again and again. We capture worker feedback regularly to enable employers to better understand worker issues and to empower them to optimise future worker engagement. Happy workers work better.

Social media

Our social media specialists engage directly with candidates online to maintain interest and convert that interest into applications. This approach is particularly effective with urban based younger applicants.

Fast, Streamlined, Quality

Our highly committed recruiters have all completed our centralised training programme and work tirelessly to recruit your workforce requirements professionally.

Your recruitment needs are instantly broadcast throughout our 44 recruitment offices country-wide to get the workforce you need – fast!

We can recruit large volumes of workers due to our extensive national coverage.

Our guaranteed worker attendance rate means you can rely on all of your workers arriving on day 1.

Our team drives forward every request, professionally, quickly and to a high standard – underpinned by our 10 years of combined experience!

There is a 24/7 access to the worker’s tracking who were recruited by us. Thus, you can track the whole process in real time: from the very first contact with Call Center until they reach your office.

Our powerful bespoke integrated software keeps every application moving at pace and enables intelligent management information analysis to anticipate issues and capture every detail so nothing is missed. With the employer access granted, you can track every application in real time from the very first contact with call centre until they arrive ready for work.



for the Employers


The power of the association lies with its member’s ability to collectively deliver a reliable flow of quality candidates at pace. Never be short of the manpower you need again!

Ethical Recruitment

The mission of the association promotes ethical recruitment and worker welfare. We strive to eradicate corruption and exploitation at all levels and promote fairness in competition.


Our association member transport provider ensures fully insured bus and flight booking processes at very competitive prices to the candidates. They save money and arrive at the right place, safely and on time!

24/7 Call centre

Always available to discuss and resolve any issues, our professionally trained call centre staff will always answer your call via whatever means suits you: Phone, SMS, Viber, Skype.

Simple Admin Process

You write the requirement (job description) and we take care of everything else; marketing, CV production, candidate selection, work permit application assistance, insurance and transport.

Great Management Software

Our powerful bespoke integrated software system enables real-time oversight of all candidates by the association. This highly efficient system is the secret to our success by optimising candidate progress, minimising delays at every stage and with secure web access enables the employer to track their candidate progress securely and in real time.


With a high contract renewal rate, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and quality workforce at a competitive price that benefits the Worker, Employer and Association member fairly. Our targeted approach to worker contract renewal automatically links workers with their previous employer – this improves worker morale and reduces the training burden for the employer. We also carry out regular surveys on employees’ satisfaction at work to drive continual improvement at all stages of the process.


for the Members

Market Access

As part of the association, the members have access to the international employment market which they were previously unable to access as they lacked the knowledge and manpower necessary to carry out the legal and administrative requirements.

Access to Transport

Association membership grants them access to our member transport company which delivers a safe and reliable transport fleet ensuring their candidates arrive safely and on time at highly competitive prices.


Previously, the relatively small individual recruiting companies were unable to reliably deliver the volume required by larger and international employers. As part of the association they are now able to collectively deliver any demand reliably and quickly.

Access to Training

By conducting centralised recruiter training, the association ensures that our recruiters deliver consistently high performance and quality. Monitoring recruiter performance at association level enables identification of retraining requirements to maximise overall success.

Leading edge legal and policy updates

Member recruiting companies have dedicated access to the support and direction of our legal and administrative members so they are always at the leading edge of any legal and policy updates.

Professionalisation and uniformity

Centralised training, legal support, transport and software ensures that all members deliver a uniform and professional service which complies with the Mission, Aims and stated Activities of the association.

Centralised Association Software

The bespoke in-house developed association software has revolutionised the recruiting process and tracks every candidate through the entire process, captures all required information and documentation, and identifies issues, delays and missing information immediately. This optimises the pipeline, reduces manpower and enables all members of the association to deliver volume at pace.


for the Workers

Ethical Employment

Our candidate’s benefit from a guaranteed ethical standard of work and living conditions which protects their wages, health, working hours and quality of life.

Documentation preparation

The administrative burden can be daunting for many unskilled workers, but with the association members’ experience and support, the candidates are able to obtain a uniform CV, legal documents, contract and work permit without any cost or fee.

Booking tickets

Our fully insured member and partner bus and air travel companies deliver safe, reliable and highly competitive tickets to the candidates saving them money and ensuring they get to the right place at the right time.

Health insurance

All candidates recruited within the association must be covered by health insurance to ensure they are protected against any illness or injury that they may sustain during their period of employment.

Welfare Support

All candidates have access to welfare support during their period of employment and are granted a paid leave period and transport during each contract to return to Moldova to see friends and family.

International Market Access

Access to the international marketplace via the association has resulted in many of our unskilled candidates earning wages well above what they could earn here in Moldova, and many have travelled abroad for the very first time to do so.

Worker Loyalty programme

Workers are rewarded for ongoing repeat loyalty through a supplement to their salary based on length of service.

Our partners


Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova


National Agency for Employment (NAE)


Ministry of Internal Affairs represented by the Center for Combating Trafficking in Persons (CCTP)


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