When it comes to launching a new job offer within the Association of Recruitment Agencies (ARA) in Moldova, we follow a meticulous procedure that encompasses multiple stages and requires the active participation of various departments and individuals. In this article, we provide a detailed breakdown of the entire process, ensuring transparency and clarity for our partners and stakeholders.

Key Steps in the Partnership Proposal Process:

1. Submission of Partnership Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit their partnership proposals through our designated channels. This can be done either by filling out a digital form on our website or by sending a comprehensive email detailing the proposed collaboration.

2. Initial Assessment

Upon receiving the partnership proposals, our dedicated team conducts an initial assessment to evaluate the compatibility and alignment of the proposal with ARA’s objectives and values. This step ensures that we prioritize partnerships that are in line with our mission and vision.

3. Review by Relevant Departments

The proposal is then carefully reviewed by the relevant departments within ARA. This includes our recruitment specialists, legal team, and management personnel, who assess the feasibility, potential benefits, and legal implications of the partnership.

4. Collaborative Discussion

If the proposal passes the initial assessment and departmental review, we initiate a collaborative discussion with the proposing party. This allows us to delve deeper into the specifics of the partnership, address any questions or concerns, and explore potential synergies for mutual growth.

5. Final Decision

After thorough evaluation and discussion, a final decision is made regarding the acceptance or rejection of the partnership proposal. Our aim is to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the decision-making process.

6. Formalizing the Partnership

In the case of an accepted proposal, we proceed to formalize the partnership through the necessary legal procedures and documentation. This includes signing agreements, outlining mutual responsibilities, and establishing clear communication channels.

By following this comprehensive procedure, we strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency in our partnerships. At ARA, we value collaboration and are committed to building fruitful relationships that contribute to the growth and success of the recruitment industry in Moldova.

For more information on partnership proposals or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support and guide you through the process.

Final Meeting Arrangements Following Cooperation Agreement

After signing the cooperation agreement and receiving its scanned form by e-mail, the President of ARA (PA) will organize a final meeting in the presence of the following persons:

MDA – Hiring Department Manager

Responsible for managing the recruitment process and selecting candidates for new job openings. Ensures all necessary information is entered into the electronic program and prepares written and visual materials necessary to promote the position.

DV – Sales Department

Responsible for managing partner relationships and negotiating financial terms. Attend final meeting to ensure alignment between collaboration agreement and ARA sales strategy.

MDC – Call Center Department Manager:

Responsible for managing communication with candidates and employees. Ensures information about the new position is properly communicated and answers questions from potential candidates.

DM – Marketing Director:

Responsible for ARA advertising and branding. Ensures that marketing materials, such as videos and photos related to housing and jobs, are prepared and effective in attracting candidates.

The purpose of this final meeting is to review and align the efforts and plans of the departments involved to ensure that all key factors are coordinated and that all necessary details are covered in working with the new partner. Additional promotional strategies or other important issues may also be discussed to ensure a successful onboarding of the new partner and to attract the right candidates for the new job opportunity.

After this final meeting, the ARA team will continue to implement the promotion and recruitment plan, communicate the job offer to potential candidates, and ensure that the recruitment and selection process is conducted efficiently and professionally.

Departments’ Tasks

Following the respective meeting, the ARA President will assign the following tasks to each individual department:

Employment Department:

  • Preparing and making available the complete job offer with all the necessary information to the other members of the work group and to the Sales, Call Center and Marketing Department.
  • Contacting and obtaining additional information from the representative of the foreign partner related to the new job offer.
  • Preparation of a presentation for the general meeting of the entire ARA Association, which will be sent in advance to all responsible managers and management, setting the date of the presentation in advance.

Sales Department:

  • Receiving the job offer from the Employment Department and requesting all necessary additional information, including video and audio materials related to the job offer.
  • Organizing a meeting with all supervisor managers to explain in detail the job offer and all the nuances they need to pay attention to in passing on information to recruiters.
  • Organizing filming and making a promo film together with the Marketing Department, to publicize the job offer in a simple and attractive way for candidates from the Republic of Moldova.

Call Center Department:

  • Requesting and receiving the complete job offer, including video and audio materials.
  • Elaboration of scripts and their coordination with the Sales Director.
  • Conducting staff training regarding the job offer and its specifics.
  • Presenting all the details and nuances to the subordinate staff, so that the operators are well trained in promoting the job offer.

Marketing Department:

  • Request and receive the complete job offer, including all video and audio materials from the Employment Department.
  • Development of the promotion campaign and all the necessary materials, taking into account the specifics of the job offer and the target audience.
  • Preparation of a promotion plan according to the requirements of the Sales Department, in terms of the number of candidates requested and their delivery schedule.
  • Ensuring a perfect understanding of the essence of the job offer and the target audience, so that they can develop quality materials and allocate resources efficiently.

Upon completion of all of the above, the Working Group will meet again to receive reports and presentations from each department regarding the assigned tasks and their implementation. The result of the final meeting will be the approval of all aspects and materials as listed above. Once the Working Group has unanimously approved the implementation of the tasks, the President of the Association will give the green light to the process of recruiting, advertising and answering calls by the Call Center, as well as the other activities mentioned.

The Audit Department will also be responsible for verifying the accuracy of and compliance with the provisions of this Regulation. The Department will carry out periodic checks and controls to ensure the quality of implementation and compliance with the provisions of this Regulation.

The purpose of these control and audit measures is to ensure that all activities carried out in the process of recruiting and promoting the job offer comply with the established standards and regulations, thus contributing to the efficiency and success of the entire process.

Business to Business Support

ARA is a powerful centralised platform for collaboration between Moldovan recruitment agencies and employers abroad.

Foreign employers can be assured that any issues they raise with the ARA will be resolved in a fast, legal and professional manner. Our key activity is to facilitate employment contracts between EU and UK employers and ARA compliant Moldovan recruitment agencies.

ARA delivers real time job offers from employers abroad to its member recruiting agencies to ensure job offers are filled swiftly and with the best candidates. The ARA also facilitates the initial contract to ensure they are fully compliant with the aims of the association Business to Business (B2B) and support with information, advice, consultancy, legal support and travel and booking advice as necessary to ensure a robust, legal and enduring contract is reached, each and every time!

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