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For 16 years, Andiva Jobs has worked tirelessly to ensure your stability and to build a bright future for you and your family. Although we have been modernising our office since 2006, our passion remains the same – to find you the perfect job.

We have opened our own recruitment school where we train recruiters in the most modern and creative methods to exceed your expectations. From your very first consultation, you will be assigned a dedicated Andiva Jobs recruiter who will support you throughout the entire process, even remotely, post-employment.

We have been working with many European partners for many years and have unique job opportunities in countries such as Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia and France. Their vacancies cover a range of age groups and sectors, from construction and manufacturing to warehousing, agriculture and forestry.

Business to Business Support

ARA is a powerful centralised platform for collaboration between Moldovan recruitment agencies and employers abroad.

Foreign employers can be assured that any issues they raise with the ARA will be resolved in a fast, legal and professional manner. Our key activity is to facilitate employment contracts between EU and UK employers and ARA compliant Moldovan recruitment agencies.

ARA delivers real time job offers from employers abroad to its member recruiting agencies to ensure job offers are filled swiftly and with the best candidates. The ARA also facilitates the initial contract to ensure they are fully compliant with the aims of the association Business to Business (B2B) and support with information, advice, consultancy, legal support and travel and booking advice as necessary to ensure a robust, legal and enduring contract is reached, each and every time!

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