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Allow us to introduce our Candidate Hotline, a new section specially created to answer all your questions and assist you at every step of your journey towards career opportunities in Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro and Romania.

Here’s why you should contact our Hotline and how we can help you make informed and successful decisions:

ARA – Association of Recruitment Agencies in Moldova

We are the association that brings together all legally licensed recruitment staffing in Moldova.

Providing information on legitimate and reputable recruitment agencies:

Our hotline can provide you with details of licensed and reputable employment agencies to help you avoid those that do not meet standards and ensure that you only work with trustworthy staffing agencies.

Countries with the highest salaries in the EU:

If you want to earn good money abroad, we are here to guide you towards countries that offer the best salaries in the EU, based on statistics collected by overseas recruitment agencies.

Documents required for employment in the EU through reputable job agencies:

Our hotline can provide comprehensive information on the documents required to work legally in EU countries.

The latest job opportunities:

Through our direct contact with licensed recruitment agencies, we can provide up-to-date information on the latest job opportunities in Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and many more.

Trustworthy job companies versus untrustworthy ones:

We will guide you in identifying trustworthy recruitment companies and provide information about untrustworthy ones to help you avoid potential problems or abuse during the recruitment process.

Ongoing support:

If you choose to use our services, we will continue to look after you after you have been employed. You will receive assistance and support if you encounter difficulties abroad, such as losing your job, being defrauded by your employer or agent, or having insufficient funds to return to Moldova.

Candidate Hotline Service:

Our hotline is a new service designed specifically for individuals in Moldova. Our aim is to be with you at every stage of the process of finding employment opportunities abroad.

Difficult situations abroad:

If you find yourself in a difficult situation abroad, such as loss of job, fraud by an employer or agent, or insufficient funds to return to Moldova, please contact us immediately. We are in contact with consulates and embassies and can intervene at any time to help you. We offer FREE assistance to everyone.

We encourage you to contact our Candidate Hotline and take advantage of all the benefits offered by recruitment companies in Moldova.

ARA is the smart choice when looking for a job abroad with reputable staffing companies.

Join the 10,000 people from Moldova who turn to us each year for information and support before deciding where to work and who to trust.

To receive our support, we invite you to contact us via our dedicated Candidate Hotline. Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with personalized advice.

Your confidence and success are our priorities.

ARA will assist you throughout the process of finding employment abroad. We are connected not only with recruitment firms but also with the Moldovan diplomatic network and can intervene at any time to help you in difficult situations.

ARA – the Association of Recruitment Agencies in Moldova is your trusted partner in finding employment opportunities abroad.

Prin intermediul Hotline-ului nostru pentru Candidați, îți oferim informații verificate, asistență individualizată și sprijin în toate etapele procesului de recrutare. Contactează-ne acum și dă startul unei viitoare cariere de succes în UE!

Apply with confidence to verified and current job offers

Below you will find verified and up-to-date job vacancies from the best staffing firms in Moldova. Select the field you are interested in and subscribe to future job offers. Stay in touch with the right jobs and choose what’s best for you. Subscribe to new job alerts from recruiters.

Stay in touch with the right jobs and choose what’s best for you. Subscribe to new job alerts from recruiters.

Destination Country Field of Activity Job Offer Net Monthly Salary
  • 1500€ – 2000€
  • 1350€ – 1800€
  • 1550€ – 1750€
  • 1250€ – 1800€
Factories & Plants
  • 1250€ – 1550€
  • 1350€ – 1850€
  • 2500€
  • 1950€