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Finding the perfect employees might be a challenge. The market is full of recruitment agencies who, through their offers, promise experienced staff on limited terms, but often would resort to less trustworthy means in order to achieve their goals.

The Association of Recruitment Agencies of Moldova, abbreviated ARA and its members aim to find potential partnerships with credible employers abroad, for the temporary or permanent employment of the local workforce.

ARA consists of associated legal entities whose mission is to organize and develop the field of recruitment, selection and employment of the Moldovan workforce abroad, as well increase the degree of awareness among citizens about the legal possibilities of employment abroad,therefore preventing illegal migration.

We strive to connect employers and agencies abroad with potential workers through ARA member agencies. The Association is able to ensures a strong, secure and centralized platform for collaboration between local and foreign agenciesas well as direct employers.

By choosing us, you have access to the 13 recruitment agencies, members of the association, which represent 80% of the staff recruitment market of Moldova. We have been for over 10 years on the market and are able toprovidepremium service which willcertainly increase the profitability of your business by saving resources for staff recruitment and training.

Working with ARA guaranteesa smooth and secure process, ensuring the required number of employees in a fast, legal and sustainable way.

The association provides partners with a wide range of services and a developed infrastructure to manage the entire process of recruitment, selection and employment of the Moldovan workforce abroad, so using the staff outsourcing service you can focus on achieving the strategic objectives of your business.

18 Founding Legal Entities

Entities which are a part of the Association of Recruitment Agencies.


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Partners of the Association of Recruitment Agencies.

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