The phenomen of labor migration

For many Moldovans labor migration is the only certain way of earning a stable income and getting rid of shortages and needs. Since the late ‘90 the number of Moldovan migrants and the influx of remittances have increased significantly from year to year. As a result, household incomes have gone up as well as the demand for new goods and services.

Currently, almost 60% of Moldovan citizens have relatives abroad, and most of the them are in the located in theEU countries. Labor migration is the voluntary movement of people abroad in order to carry out temporary work activities.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, most of the citizens choose Russia, Poland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, USA. There are three legal ways of temporary employment of Moldovan citizens abroad:

  1. individually, basedon an individual employment agreement,signed together with the employer, before leaving the country;
  2. through private (licensed) agencies;
  3. in accordance with the provisions of international, bilateral agreements (State of Israel and Bulgaria).

In recent years, Moldovans have started to work abroad through private agencies, thus simplifying the employment process and making the desired job easier.

At the same time, we would like to point out that employment through private agencies has several benefits:

  1. mediation and employment services abroad;
  2. guided employment by a private agency;
  3. individual employment contract;
  4. no fees or other charges shall be collected from the employee, directly or indirectly, entirely or partially (Article 7 of ILO Convention No. 181);
  5. registration of individual employment contracts at ANOFM.

Within ARA, we have over 13 member agencies that aim to organize and develop the field of recruitment, selection and employment of the Moldovan workforce abroad as well increase the level of awareness among citizens regarding legal employment opportunities abroad by preventing illegal migration.

Therefore, citizens who apply for assistance at our association members can be sure that they will be legally and quickly employed in Europe. One of ourpriorities isputting in contact employees and employers abroad.

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